About Us
Our very passionate head chef leads her team who all share her determination and enthusiasm to develop unique and delicious desserts. All our ingredients are fresh and baked from scratch. We like to take a simple dessert, add our special twist and make something uniquely delicious. Our chefs are always determined to develop and perfect new desserts. Keep an eye on our 'Daily Dessert Surprise' for our recent desserts.

It all began with an apple tree in Simi's (current head chef) back garden. She decided to bake an apple dessert with the fresh apples. So she baked apple crumble served warm with vanilla ice cream drizzled with toffee sauce. Her family and friends really appreciated the flavours and encouraged her newly found skill.

She appreciated the value of traditional desserts but was attracted to deriving ideas from different desserts around the world and combining different baking techniques to make desserts her own way.

Over the years she has made and perfected many desserts and hopes to sweeten up your events. And here began the journey of The Dessert Lounge....


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